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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Rosemary Rey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Friday, April 17, 2015

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories presented by

Today we feature Cherry Tart by Persephone Jones.


Cherry Tart by Persephone Jones

A stand-alone erotic short story

contemporary erotic romance

#erotic, #dessert, #cherry, #tart, #contemporary, #anthology, #short story

  Divorced Cherry Hartley has an embarrassment of riches. A beautiful house, a flourishing business and not one but two gorgeous men living across the street from her. Both of whom keep sending her unmistakable come-hither looks. She could pick bad boy Bryce, whose reputation in bed precedes him. Or she could choose newly arrived good guy, Gavin. Lucky for Cherry, Gavin has a sweet tooth. She knows exactly how she'd like to welcome the handsome young architect to the neighborhood...with a yummy homemade cherry tart.


Get to know Persephone

Persephone Jones lives in the piney woods of east Texas with her computer geek husband, two dogs and one cat. The only child of divorced parents, she learned early on to entertain herself by inventing imaginary worlds where the dragons are tame and the damsels don’t stress. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and listening to those pesky muses. Apparently they like horror movies, eighties music and Tex-Mex. Unfortunately muses don’t do housework. But always just in the nick of time they swoop in and rescue her with a hunky hero, a smartass heroine and a happy ending. Her works in include contributions in two award-winning anthologies, His and Alpha's Claim.

This sexiest food is:

Dessert of course! Got to save the best for last.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1. I love horror movies. I’m a hardcore horror film addict. 2. I love iced tea like most people like coffee. 3. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of music and very eclectic tastes. 4. I have a fear of heights. 5. I’m left-handed. As a child, I wrote my letters backwards.

The sexiest place in the world is:

I'm a bit of a homebody and feel most comfortable at home. So, probably the bedroom!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories presented by

Today we feature Super-Sex Me by Felcity Kates


Super-Sex Me - Felicity Kates

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story from the Little Miss Kick-Ass series
erotic romance, paranormal, superhero, cosplay, nerdrotica
#erotic, #romance, #Sexy, #food, #superhero, #cosplay, #PNR, #OneNightStand, #Fika, #Fetish, #hotread

Astrid Bitten isn’t smitten. All she wants is a night of sexual adventure to bring some excitement to her lonely life. When she meets the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen at a Fan Expo convention, she jumps at the chance to explore what lies beneath the stretchy spandex of his superhero suit. But is she ready to discover the truth of her secret cravings?

Race Lindstrom wants a second chance. At life, at love, at using the gods-given talents he’s been born with for good rather than evil. When he spies the golden-haired goddess across a crowded room, he knows he’ll never let her go. But second chances don’t come easy. He’ll have to satisfy her deepest hunger if he wants to make her his forever.


Get to know Felicity

Felicity Kates is a mild-mannered manager by day. At night, she trades in her sensible shoes for stilettos and lets her imagination run wild. Felicity enjoys writing fun, flirty fantasies that combine geek humor with strong characters who have super-sexy desires. She lives off of coffee and dreams and loves to go for walks along the shores of Lake Ontario taking pictures of whatever catches her eye. A romantic at heart, Felicity and is a firm believer in shopping therapy to warm up the cold Canadian winters, but can most often be found enjoying the quiet company of her husband and son, whom she loves very, very much.

The sexiest food is:

Whipped cream. It tastes like heaven and it comes in a can, so you can spray dirty words on your partner and then have fun licking them off again.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

  • 1) I worked in an animation studio in Toronto for several years, creating kids TV shows. 2) I have no tattoos or piercings, not even pierced ears. 3) I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy and didn't read my first romance novel until I was 25. 4) Johnny Depp and I go way back, but Luke Skywalker was my first crush. 5) I have a fear of heights and would rather take a 3 day train trip than a four hour flight.

Sexiest place on earth is:

The igloo village hotel in Iceland. The domes are made of special glass that resist frost, so you can make love under the northern lights while keeping warm and toasty in the middle of winter.

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