Friday, December 5, 2014


As a new writer, I know I'm not the best novelist. I'm learning. Even with three self published books under my belt, I have a lot to learn. And I'm often reminded that writing is a life long learning process. I started my writing career with a three-book trilogy. I have many characters and a big storyline for my first trilogy. While I read comments and reviews stating my book could have been condensed to one, I know that it can't. I also know that as a reader, I like lengthy stories that take me from book one to book three. A very popular series just published a fourth book when everyone who has read it assumed it was three books. Many hated the idea of being strung along. I preordered book four because the author is a rock star in my eyes. She has an amazing narrative and I want to see how she concludes her story. I have no doubt that she has cornered the genre to bring a highly psychological and suspenseful story. Hollywood saw it too and is now producing a series for cable television. I am delighted for her and to watch what I've read on my flat screen tv, once a week for however long it will be produced.

When you write a trilogy or five books, or even ten books in a series, you will have to conclude the book in some sort of way. It can be a "happy for now", "happily continued on book X", or "dun, dun, dun--Cliffhanger." I write the cliffhangers in my erotic suspense book. I left you breadcrumbs in Book One of my series, The Pentagon Group. Yes, there is a lot of sex in that book. But if you hang on to read book two and then progress to book three, you will read the complete wrap up, explaining the beginning to the very end--I'm not guaranteeing a happily ever after because I find that information to be a spoiler.

Many readers need hints or heads up as to how it finishes off, and ask for any of the three above. Many of my reviews have listed the book as having a huge cliffy. I recently read comments on a review, which discussed how much they disliked my first book because it had a cliffy and no backstory. Well, I guess I could have found more of a creative way to give more backstory, or the reader could have read the breadcrumbs and not be so surprised in the end. Or they would still be surprised, and eager to read the next book. If a reader didn't like my first book, then the second book would be no better for the reader, and the last book won't make you love me any more.

Why wasn't there much of a backstory for the big cliffy I ended with? Because the first book is written in first person point of view. The main character, who narrates the story, is unaware of what anyone else is doing covertly around her. She is giving you her perspective and the information she is aware of and what matters to her. She may be blinded by the circumstances she participated in. If I wrote third person point of view, I should be slammed for giving little backstory because I had every opportunity to do so. In book two, the reader gets both the hero and heroine's point of view, so you aren't as oblivious as the reader was in book one. Like I said, the story gets better as I've gotten better, and as the points of view was expanded.

Cliffhangers are great if you love suspense and drama. If you want happily-ever-after or 'for now', I didn't give you that in Book One. Why am I writing all this? Because I don't want readers who hate reading cliffhangers to discourage other readers from buying my book or anyone else's book who employ cliffhangers to introduce their next book. To say I'm trying to make money by writing a huge cliffhanger is right. Yeah, I'm trying to make money for you to continue the story. It was a natural break for my book. Next book picks right up from there. Then book three will pick up from the second book. I am trying to make money from each book. Would a reader rather buy my first-time-writing series for $15 and have 300,000 words to read in one sitting, or would you prefer to stagger it a bit and be thrilled to see what happens by picking up the next book? I can make it a bundle when everything is said and done, but with the complaints from readers about ebook prices, I doubt they'd buy my $15 book even with 300K words; especially not as a first time author.

It is fine if you warn other readers of the cliffy, but don't discourage a person from continuing onto the next book with negative sentiments. Authors have feelings and are trying to make it in the industry. It is hard enough to get noticed and have our books read, when you have reviewers and administrators of book groups say an author is only trying to make money, it will turn off future readers from what could be their favorite book or series. I don't expect to get a film or television deal, but I want as many people to read my books as possible so I can be encouraged to write and bring more stories to readers who did like my book. And for every negative Nelly, I've had readers who've equated my books to the previously referenced author with the upcoming TV series. I'm happy that they think highly of my writing style and are following me in social media. Hopefully, they will spread the word about my writing to squash the negative talk.

And I won't stop writing cliffhangers, so you are officially forewarned that Rosemary Rey is a cliffy-whore and a cliffy will be ending every book subtitled BOOK ONE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm not rich, so . . .

Stop stealing from me.

I embarked on this journey in January 2014 to see if I could finally figure out what I want out of my career. I was never happy practicing law, which paid me as much as my mother made as a home health aide because I was serving poor women and families. I took a break from working because I was at a point that something had to give. I couldn't quit on my ill parent, my special needs kids, or my supportive husband. But the job had to go. I've always had ideas that would be great for books, tv, and movies. My husband loves it whenever I would figure out the plot twists in shows and movies and would exclaim, "your right!", each time I figured it out before it ended. My close friends would tell me that I would be a great writer or actress because I am a bit melodramatic.

When I came up with my two books, I felt I had finally found my niche. The few people who have bought or received the books through a coupon offer I made, seemed to enjoy both books in The Pentagon Series. Many love the intrigue, the twists, suspense, the romance, and the sex. I was proud to finally get "honest reviews" for my book based on the almost 70+ books that I gave for review. I've only received finger and toes count from those offered. I get that they couldn't just drop everything to read my book and write what they thought about it. I'm patient. I'm appreciative. I'm humbled when they do comply with the request.

In turn, I search for pirates who are essentially stealing from me. I've found sites that have had over 500 downloads. I've written about the experience before, and don't need to go over how wrong pirating is. But the fact is, requesting a book from a file sharing site is wrong. You're knowingly depriving the author of money. Here is a great article that gives you a description why it is wrong so I don't have to write the same thing.

I haven't made any more than $100 total for two books published since April 28, 2014 when I pressed published on my book. As an attorney, I know you want proof because you just can't believe (unless you're an Indie Author yourself) that I can make so little.

Below is my KDP from Amazon payments and what I've made so far. Don't forget, I have to pay Uncle Sam at the end of the year too; that Brother is going to get his cut. Below is what I've made so far before getting this month's royalties.

This is what I've made so far since my marketing blitz of giving books for honest reviews. Silly me for trying to get more books sold, by giving away books to strangers, so my family and friends (who don't know that I've written a book) don't fluff up ratings and reviews.

And finally, you can see my Smashwords account.

I've made a whopping $3.20 because of my marketing blitz. No one was buying anyway, but I got my count up by having readers go through Smashwords to ensure my rankings within their sites increases. But I've only had a little over 180 downloads. However, most of them are partial downloads (samples, if you will) that are included in the numbers. Ultimately, I've lost more than I've gained. From over 1500 pirated downloads, money is lost. I provided paperback giveaways, money is lost. I did paid advertisements that didn't result in any sales, money is lost. I have yet to do a spreadsheet of what I've spent, but the receipts are piling up. It's the expense of an Indie Author that aren't expressed publicly.

So what I am saying is, I write in a genre (Erotica-Suspense) that is burgeoning. A major motion film was made based on one author's book. A TV show is being developed for another highly rated book in the genre. But this gal, who is writing on a comfy couch while the kids are at school has not made such gains. So please, (I know this is falling on blinded eyes) support your Authors (Indie and House), don't take food from their babies, payments for student loans, Medical payments for hearing aids and Autism support systems. Yes, I'm appealing to your human nature.

I know reading can be an addiction and you need your next fix, but someone poured months and years to give you that 'hit' that you needed to satisfy your craving for an amazing high that only comes from a great story.

Thanks to the converted who would never do such a thing. I appreciate your support.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unbound is now available

The second book is out. If you read Rebound and want to read the continuation of Perla and Matt's relationship, please pick up Unbound. For those that have not read it, both books are works of Erotica with lots of gratuitous and graphic sexual situations and language; however, from two consenting adults. Also, this is not a military book despite the subtitle name. 

Please know that both books are a labor of love. As a first time author I have done everything from soup to nuts. The cover, writing, editing, and formatting is all me. I did receive a Beta review with editing notes from Raven Williams. I'm trying to produce quality work, but have had reservations about getting help from strangers. I need to proceed with this indie publishing business for little to no cost. 

One thing I really need is for readers to post ratings and reviews. If you like it and want more of the couple, please let me know. It helps me with confidence and motivation to conclude the story. If you don't like it, rate it and review. It may be your opinion, but if there is something I need to work on, then I need to know.

Be assured, I also re-edited Rebound, after Raven read and offered some editing suggestions. Because I found a tense and 'voice' for Unbound, I went back to match Rebound to be the same tone. I think I've accomplished it, and hope to get more readers for Rebound because I'm really proud of Unbound.
If you've yet to read Rebound. Please find it below. 

Don't forget to rate and review. I appreciate your support and assistance with letting me carve a place in the industry.

Monday, July 28, 2014

UK Book Sale

My book is on sale on Rebound, The Pentagon Group, Book I is on sale in the United Kingdom for £0.99.

Happy Reading,

Rosemary Rey

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Books Are Here

I ordered a several books for my recent giveaway and future giveaways. I'm delighted that I have them in my possession. I want to read through it, and take notes of what I need to do next printing. I have to take a day and make the changes and fixes to the print books and that of Kindle. I'm a perfectionist, but no one is perfect, and I've caught some mistakes and omissions. I keep chalking it up to being a rookie, but I want to be an MVP by the time I self publish my second book.

I almost don't want to touch them because it truly feels surreal that I wrote something and published it; even if only ten people have read it so far, and three more will receive them as winners of the Goodreads giveaway.

I truly have no words for this moment.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'd like to thank everyone that signed up for my first Goodreads giveaway. I had 662 people sign up for a book. It was such a pleasure to see the tally go up and up while I took a little break from writing, and sat on the beach with my husband and kids. It was invigorating to see people take an interest in something I wrote. Now, I'm back with even more vigor to finish the second book. I'm back to furiously writing the second book and hope to do edits in August.

I've been waiting for Goodreads to select the three winners, and have ordered print books of Rebound to send out to the winners.

I was busy last night making postcards to serve as 'thank you' cards, and information about the second book in the trilogy.

I feel ridiculous saying I need an assistant so I can focus on the writing and not all the detailed work that a publisher would do. I actually like photographing, photoshopping, and creating marketing materials. I'm a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to creative endeavours.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Giveaway on Goodreads!

If you're interested in reading my book, I have a giveaway of my paperback.  Please see my giveaway on Goodreads.

Good luck.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Uninspired To Write

When you're uninspired to write, make your next book cover.

My covers are simple and have no sexual overtones at all despite writing romance, contemporary women, and erotica genres. The reason, I'm cheap. I don't want to spend money to buy a stock picture that most of the writers in the same genre are using. I'm pretty creative and knew that I could figure out something for the covers. I've taken photography, especially product photography, for a long time. In my first cover, I used a black foam board and white feathers from the craft store. I did the post processing online using Pixlr Express.

This time, I used a white foam board, a broken engagement ring*, a sunny window, and Pixlr Express to post process.

It's not perfection. It is super simple. Not sexy at all. Eventually, I hope to be financially capable of adding more to my self-publishing budget and have the bells and whistles. When you're starting out and navigating the indie publishing business, you reduce costs as much as possible, especially as a stay at home mom with no self generated income.

*No engagement rings were harmed in the making of this cover. I stupidly broke my ring while moving around a heavy washing machine. My mistrust of people is the reason I haven't gotten it fixed, much to my husband's chagrin.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Multiple Stories

I never imagined that in writing a book, I would divert from the present series I'm writing and trying to publish on a self created deadline. A couple of weeks ago when I lost steam writing Book Two, I started writing another story. The new story is written in the third person, which is a departure from my first published book, Rebound, which is written in the first person of the main character, Perla.

My favorite author, Mario Puzo, gave writing advice in an interview. His advice was to always write in the third person. When I started writing the new story in the third person, I could see an immense benefit of writing in the third person. When I started writing the future novel, I felt like I could be more descriptive when going back and forth between all the characters. I could interject each's thoughts and feelings. It was freeing. When I went back to the The Pentagon series in the first person, the writing felt a little forced at times.

I don't dismiss the notion that I was writing more freely because I was excited by the new story line and characters. And because this new story will be a stand-alone book, I don't have this immense task of stretching it out between two to three books.

For the writers, which point of view do you prefer to write in and why?

For the readers, which point of view do you prefer to read and why?

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I self published my book in April before turning forty-years old, two days later. I was discouraged because I didn't get any sales on my books. I asked Kristie from Book Bangers Blog to read my book. She gave me my first review. Just that one review has given me the motivation to finish the book, even if it is just for Kristie and her Book Bangers Blog followers. As a goal oriented person, I am also a deadline person. If I don't see profit or acclaim from the book within a year, I'm going back to work full time in my chosen profession, which is law.

I have a lot to learn about marketing myself and promoting the work. I was under the really naive impression that I needed to focus just on the words of the printed page, or in most of our cases, the lit tablet. The publishing houses would do the legwork in promoting. I was under the false assumption that I upload to Amazon Direct and request to be in the Select program, and by the end of the month I would sell thousands of units. Never happened.

As an indie, I have to do both. Yes, duh!

If you are an author, what advise would you give to a indie writer for promoting?
If you are a reader, what draws you to a book?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Self Published First Book

My new book, Rebound: The Pentagon Group, Book I can be purchased on Amazon. Please read my first review. Very excited that the reader liked the book and she can't wait for the second book, which I'm feverishly writing. If you read the book, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.