Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unbound is now available

The second book is out. If you read Rebound and want to read the continuation of Perla and Matt's relationship, please pick up Unbound. For those that have not read it, both books are works of Erotica with lots of gratuitous and graphic sexual situations and language; however, from two consenting adults. Also, this is not a military book despite the subtitle name. 

Please know that both books are a labor of love. As a first time author I have done everything from soup to nuts. The cover, writing, editing, and formatting is all me. I did receive a Beta review with editing notes from Raven Williams. I'm trying to produce quality work, but have had reservations about getting help from strangers. I need to proceed with this indie publishing business for little to no cost. 

One thing I really need is for readers to post ratings and reviews. If you like it and want more of the couple, please let me know. It helps me with confidence and motivation to conclude the story. If you don't like it, rate it and review. It may be your opinion, but if there is something I need to work on, then I need to know.

Be assured, I also re-edited Rebound, after Raven read and offered some editing suggestions. Because I found a tense and 'voice' for Unbound, I went back to match Rebound to be the same tone. I think I've accomplished it, and hope to get more readers for Rebound because I'm really proud of Unbound.
If you've yet to read Rebound. Please find it below. 

Don't forget to rate and review. I appreciate your support and assistance with letting me carve a place in the industry.

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Unknown said...

Was wondering when book 3 was coming out just read both theses boom in 3 days an love the cliffhanger