Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I self published my book in April before turning forty-years old, two days later. I was discouraged because I didn't get any sales on my books. I asked Kristie from Book Bangers Blog to read my book. She gave me my first review. Just that one review has given me the motivation to finish the book, even if it is just for Kristie and her Book Bangers Blog followers. As a goal oriented person, I am also a deadline person. If I don't see profit or acclaim from the book within a year, I'm going back to work full time in my chosen profession, which is law.

I have a lot to learn about marketing myself and promoting the work. I was under the really naive impression that I needed to focus just on the words of the printed page, or in most of our cases, the lit tablet. The publishing houses would do the legwork in promoting. I was under the false assumption that I upload to Amazon Direct and request to be in the Select program, and by the end of the month I would sell thousands of units. Never happened.

As an indie, I have to do both. Yes, duh!

If you are an author, what advise would you give to a indie writer for promoting?
If you are a reader, what draws you to a book?

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