Thursday, June 26, 2014

Multiple Stories

I never imagined that in writing a book, I would divert from the present series I'm writing and trying to publish on a self created deadline. A couple of weeks ago when I lost steam writing Book Two, I started writing another story. The new story is written in the third person, which is a departure from my first published book, Rebound, which is written in the first person of the main character, Perla.

My favorite author, Mario Puzo, gave writing advice in an interview. His advice was to always write in the third person. When I started writing the new story in the third person, I could see an immense benefit of writing in the third person. When I started writing the future novel, I felt like I could be more descriptive when going back and forth between all the characters. I could interject each's thoughts and feelings. It was freeing. When I went back to the The Pentagon series in the first person, the writing felt a little forced at times.

I don't dismiss the notion that I was writing more freely because I was excited by the new story line and characters. And because this new story will be a stand-alone book, I don't have this immense task of stretching it out between two to three books.

For the writers, which point of view do you prefer to write in and why?

For the readers, which point of view do you prefer to read and why?

Thanks for reading.


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